Mechanisms of Action

An active depressor septi nasi muscle is responsible for descending the nasal tip, shortened upper lip, increased maxillary gingival show and transverse crease in the mid-philtral area. Those deformities can fixed with treatment minimally invasive bestens with Endopeel for temporary results around 6 months.

nasal muscles

Described Mechanism

Only for Nasal Tip Elevation

Medical Preservation Rhinoplasty

All structures are fully saved without damaging them at the difference of threads, sutures,fillers and botulinum.Endopeel Rhinoplasty is just conservative reshaping the muscles in 3D conserving the functions of them.

Rohrich Nasal Anatomy

Anatomical Variation of the Depressor Septi Muscle

Type I: Inserted fully into the orbicularis oris. 62 %.

Type II: Inserted into the periosteum and incompletely into the orbicularis oris. 22%.

Type III: Showed no or rudimentary depressor septi muscle. 16 %.

In case of Type III, no results can be achieved with Endopeel. ( 16% of cases).


 The anatomy of the depressor septi nasi has been well studied by Rod Rohrich .

 Is a small, paired muscle located on either side of the nasal septum, has 4 proximal attachments, footplates of the medial crura, caudal septum, dermocartilaginous ligament and anterior nasal spine,

 The muscle is divided by the nasal septum into bilateral and symmetric portions. On each of these portions we may observe a division in its fascicles:

  • Medial: in medial position, parallel to the nasal septum.

  • Intermedial: between medial and lateral.

  • Lateral: this one more peripheral to the nasal septum.

 They were interdigitated with the orbicularis oris.

 Like the other muscles of the nose is innervated by branches of the facial nerve and supplied by the facial artery.

hanging nose

The Contraction of the Depressor Septi Muscle

increases the nasal tip rotation towards down and makes it  hanging down during the smiling ,giving too a thin upper lip aspect .

Before Endopeel

before adduction

The aesthetic structures which will change are :
- the naso labial angle
- the philtrum
- the upper lip
- the vermillion
- and of course the nasal tip

After Endopeel : Myoplasty & Myopexy

after adduction

Endopeel provokes 

-an adduction of the 2 paired muscles located on either side of the nasal septum towards each other

- an elevation and shortening of the orbicularis oris ( Type I and Type II).

Before Endopeel

philtrum before endopeel

The aesthetic structures which will change are :
- the dimensions of the philtrum
- the upper lip
- the vermillion

After Endopeel : Myoplasty & Myopexy

philtrum after endopeel

Endopeel provokes 

-an adduction of the 2 philtrum bands
-the philtrum gets a 3 D dimesnsion ( deeper)
-the upper lip is lifted and gets thicker
- the vermillion has a better definition

The naso labial angle gets wider increasing its dimensions