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Contra Indications of Endopeel Rhinoplasties





Allergy to peanuts and/or lidocain

Allergy to peanuts is not an absolute contra indication but it s better to avoid any risks, even if that never occured for an endopeel medical rhinoplasty in the whole world since 18 years.

Allergy to lidocain ( local anesthesy for external use) is an absolute contra indication.

After previous nasal surgery or trauma

In such case, it s better to consult a board certified facial plastic surgeon , member of  a scientific society like EAFPS, or AAFPS or ABCPF.

nasal acne

Local and Loco Regional Skin Alterations

Acne, acne scars,any nasal dermatologic skin disease ,rosacea,necrosis, complications post fillers or post threads...are contra indications.

nasal acne

Noses requiring exclusively a surgical indication

Nasal septum deviation,Respiration Problems,Traumas,Malformations,Cancers,Large Noses,Unilateral Asymmetries,Prominent Dorsal Humps ...

nasal acne

High-demand patients with unrealistic expectations